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Force Impact Technologies has launched the FITGuard, “a head injury awareness mouthguard that will assist athletes with their timing of returning to play when there is a possibility of head injury.”

The mouthguard has “color-coded LEDs” embedded in it to indicate how much “impact force” an athlete receives.

Army Regulation now also requires personnel to use mouthguards to prevent injuries.

The Fort Leonard Wood (MO) Guidon (1/20, Hauschild) stated, “Tooth loss due to injuries is more common among Soldiers than among members of the other branches of service,” adding that research shows mouthguard use prevents “injuries to the lips, mouth, tongue and teeth.”

As a result, “Army regulation 600-63 requires individuals to use mouth guards for military training activities that have been shown to have a high risk of mouth or facial injuries.” The article adds that the American Dental Association and International Academy of Sports Dentistry have also “identified 29 sports and exercise activities for which they highly recommend mouth guards be worn.” Given this, the article describes factors to consider when selecting a mouthguard.


        The ADA News (11/2, Manchir) previously reported that CustMbite MVP Athletic Mouthguard has become the first athletic mouthguard to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The ADA provides additional information on mouthguards online.