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Did you know that 80% of all headaches are related to the way your jaws bite together and when they bite together?  Jaw-related headaches affect at least twice as many women as men.  Causes: 

STRESS can lead to teeth grinding or jaw clenching

MISALIGNMENT of teeth can cause uneven bite pressure

MUSCLE STRAIN can overtax jaw muscles & negatively affect the mechanics of biting & chewing

TRAUMA such as a heavy blow to the jaw, head or neck can make optimal function impossible

We can help you feel less pain and increase comfort by providing solutions to jaw-related headaches.

REDUCE the pressure on your gums & ligaments due to grinding & clenching while sleeping

REPOSITION poorly aligned teeth to achieve a properly aligned bite with greatly reduced strain

PROJECT your teeth and mouth to reduce the risk of severity of sports-related injuries.

The first step to feeling better is to call us.  We'll identify or rule out any dental causes for your headaches and get you on the road to relief.