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Flossing:  You can never floss too often, but you can floss too hard and incorrectly, which damages your gums. So many people just pop the floss through their teeth and punch it up and down hard.  Not only does this fail to remove plaque, it also really hurts the little part of gum in between teeth, which can lead to bleeding, irritation, and swelling.

Instead, try to hold the floss at an angle so it wraps around the tooth and removes plaque when you move it up and down.  Think of it as gliding the floss gently along the two sides of each tooth. It’s easier to do this using normal threaded floss, but it’s possible with floss picks, too.

Brushing:  Even though it might feel like you’re cleaning your teeth better, brushing too hard literally wears away surface of teeth and gums. It’s basically like sandpaper. As we age, our teeth go through a lot of wear and tear so you don’t need to add to this with bad brushing habits that end up exposing the super sensitive roots.

Use a soft toothbrush and going in gentle circles when brushing close to the gum line.