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April 27, 2015
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Pepsi To Remove Aspartame From Diet Soda, But Bad Affects On Your Teeth Continue -- 

Diet Pepsi is removing the artificial sweetener aspartame from their diet soda after customer complaints.  The company will replace it with other artificial sweeteners, including Splenda. The new version hits shelves this summer.  Pepsi’s decision was in response to falling sales of diet soda and concern from consumers.  The company, together with CocaCola, blame the declines on public perception that aspartame is unsafe. The FDA, however, says more than 100 studies show aspartame is safe.  The FDA has said of the sweetener, “Aspartame is one of the most exhaustively studied substances in the human food supply” and agency “scientists have reviewed scientific data regarding the safety of aspartame in food and concluded that it is safe for the general population under certain conditions.”

The “Sip All Day, Get Decay” slogan isn’t just meant to be a catchy tagline – it’s literally the truth!  Sugar in soda combines with bacteria in your mouth to form acid, which attacks the teeth. Diet or “sugar-free” soda contains its own acid, which also can damage teeth. Each attack lasts about 20 minutes and starts over with every sip of soda you take.  These ongoing acid attacks weaken tooth enamel. Kids and teens are most susceptible to tooth decay because their tooth enamel is not fully developed.

You can avoid tooth decay and other health problems that arise from drinking too many soft drinks, other carbonated beverages, sports drinks, iced and sweet teas and other sweetened liquids (like fruit juices).  Limiting your intake, brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting your dentist regulary (minimum every 6 months) will reduce your rist of tooth decay and improve and/or maintain your oral health.