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January 07, 2015
Category: Informational
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Be Safe and Prepared!
Extreme cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills are forecast for our region in the next few days. Proper preparation can help avoid dangerous and costly consequences from extreme cold temperatures. 

Here are some important steps to take:

Keep HVAC circulation fans and ceiling fans running to minimize cold spots throughout property.
Keep property temperature set at a comfortable daytime temperature and forgo night time setbacks during extreme cold.
Keep cabinet doors open under sinks for heat circulation especially for sinks on exterior walls.
Keep a small trickle of water running at faucets to help prevent pipes from freezing.
Catch potential problems early by inspecting any known trouble areas of your property at least twice daily for any signs of cold related damage.
Check all chimney and exhaust flues to be sure they are clear of snow or ice.
Inspect all carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation and replace batteries if more than one year old.

Fill fuel tank each night to minimize chance of condensation and be prepared in event you become stranded for any period of time.
Add fuel system additive to prevent fuel system freeze ups.
Keep emergency kit in your vehicle with water, high protein snacks, blankets, gloves, and hats.
Check tire pressures as cold temperatures can reduce pressures.
Bring vehicles in a garage if possible.

Stay indoors as much as possible and cover all exposed flesh when outside. Frostbite can occur in as little as ten minutes at the extreme cold temps forecast for our area.
Have four day supply of food and water in your home.
Have adequate supply of any medications you require.
Charge cell phones.
Keep flashlights and batteries close by and ready.
Keep close watch on elderly and young; they are less able to sense temperature changes and more susceptible to hypothermia.
Brings pets inside.
Setup a communications plan with loved ones and set check-in intervals.