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Parents Advised To Provide Early Care For Children’s Baby Teeth - 

Many parents may not realize how important it is to care for baby teeth. Children can visit the dentist when their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday, as this helps establish a positive relationship between the child and the dentist. Caring for baby teeth is important because the teeth not only help children chew, but also help form a path for permanent teeth to follow. Parents should try to schedule a morning visit for their child and avoid using dental visits as a reward or punishment.

July 16, 2014
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The "In and Out" of Baby Teeth

For a kid, losing baby teeth is the ultimate sign of growing up.   Baby teeth are usually lost in the order they arrive: the bottom two incisors first, followed by the top two. Your child will probably begin losing his or her baby teeth around age five or six, though it can happen as young as four years old. Essentially, the root will dissolve as the adult tooth pushes out. Though baby teeth generally fall out by themselves, they can also become stuck in food when your child is eating and may accidentally be swallowed (totally harmless, we promise).  So, what else is important to understand?

NEVER, EVER force or yank a loose tooth out! If the root has not completely dissolved, the tooth can break off leaving the root behind, which can cause infection.

It’s okay to wiggle. It’s best to encourage kids to wiggle loose teeth. If it’s hanging on by a thread, you can grab it with a tissue and gently rotate to remove it.

They’re so BIG! Don’t worry. Adult teeth come in full size. Your kiddos head, however, will continue to grow!

What’s with the color? Baby teeth are whiter than adult teeth. The color difference will be less noticeable as more adult teeth arrive.

It hurts! About the time your child’s baby teeth are falling out their six-year molars are erupting. Gums may appear swollen and kids may complain. Over the counter analgesics should help.