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We have an exciting project happening in downtown Crystal Lake next week!


A 7th grade Language Arts class, at Bernotas Middle School, has approached Downtown CL
and the City to gain permission to place poems on the sidewalks in downtown Crystal Lake
to celebrate National Poetry Month. The students have been reading and writing poetry all
year, and have several poetry projects underway. Recently, they read an article about
sidewalk poetry in Boston. The poets use stencils and water repellant spray to spray
poems on the sidewalks. The poems only show up when it rains.  


The poets will work downtown in the early afternoon on Monday, April 24th. There will be
adult supervision.  Approximately 25 poems will be applied to the sidewalks.  Locations
are throughout downtown.  The poems would start to wash away in several weeks and
would only be visible when it rains.


In addition, note cards of the original poems will be left at downtown restaurants
and shops so poetry admirers could obtain a copy of the poems, if they choose.  


All of the poems have been submitted for review, and we think you will be very pleased!