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Cancer treatments can affect all parts of your body, including your mouth.  Also your oral health can make a difference in how your cancer treatment proceeds.  An unhealthy mouth can increase the risk of developing oral adverse effects, often called side effects, to cancer therapies and can even interefere with treatment.   

Steps you can take to maintain a healthy mouth include: 

1) Brushing your teeth twice a day with flouride toothpaste.
2) Cleaning between your teeth every day with dental floss.
3) Stop the use of tobacco products
4) Rising your mouth after vomiting with one fourth teaspoon of baking soda in cup of warm water.  
5) Moistening dry mouth by drinking water, sucking on ice, chewing sugar free fum or sucking on sugar fee candies.  
6) Avoiding mouth rinses that contain alcohol.
7) Talk with your dentist about any problems you're having with your mouth during your treatment and give him/her the name and telephone number of the doctor treating your cancer.  Together they can help limit the oral problems that may arise during cancer treatment.