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Posts for: February, 2015

February 18, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Oral Irrigators  

Oral Irrigators Should Not Replace Brushing, Flossing.

Is flossing or an oral irrigator more effective for cleaning the tight spaces between the teeth? Although oral irrigators can be effective in removing food particles from teeth, oral irrigators should not replace brushing and flossing, still the most effective oral hygiene tools.  If plain dental floss gets stuck in your teeth, use the waxed variety. If you have a hard time handling dental floss, try a floss holder.


Valentine Candy to Avoid

It is probably unrealistic to expect patients of all ages to avoid candy altogether during Valentine’s Day, and believe it or not, some candy is better than others when it comes to dental health. Here are varieties of Valentine candy to avoid:

Hard Candy – Suckers are a popular treat on Valentine’s Day, especially with kids, but basically give their teeth a sugar bath.

Sticky Candy – The kinds of treats that stick to the surfaces of your teeth – like Laffy Taffy and caramels – promote tooth decay simply from being difficult to remove.

Cheap Chocolate – If you want a chocolate fix, the cheap – and even mid-priced varieties – contain sugar and oil as the first two ingredients, then cocoa butter and chocolate.


Survey: 30% Of Children Under 12 Do Not Brush Twice Per Day, 60% Do Not Floss Daily.

To raise awareness about the importance of oral health in children, study found relatively poor oral care behavior in under 12-year-olds that contributes to many American children having cavities. Specifically, the survey found that only 28 percent of U.S. parents would give their children an A grade for oral health.  Additionally, the survey found that over 30 percent of the children did not brush twice a day and over 60 percent did not floss on a daily basis.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

The perfect time for children to learn about the importance of healthy teeth and gums is this month.  We encourage parents to lead by example by visiting the dentist at least twice per year. Additionally, parents should encourage a diet low in processed sugars, frequent brushing and flossing and proper hydration with fluoridated tap water.  Parents should also closely monitor their kids’ toothbrushing habits to ensure that they are developing healthy technique.